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Domico self storage software works where you work. Let’s face it – tasks for facility owners don’t stop once they set foot off their business grounds. For this reason, DomicoCloud is built to be accessible on any device from anywhere with an internet connection, so owners and managers can complete tasks while away from the office. Domico is a purely cloud-based self storage software that runs on a browser, not requiring an application download.

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Automate & Digitize


The self storage industry is catching up to modern-day technology.  Consequently, we’ve made it easy to streamline storage facilities with automation and digitization tools. Domico self storage software offers built-in tools to customize processes, saving staff, and tenants time. For example, users enjoy text messaging directly from the software, digital lease agreements, and customizing automated actions. 

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The fluidity of a storage facility relies on various services. That is to say, we understand that our client’s needs don’t end with self storage management software. Therefore, we’ve made sure to integrate DomicoCloud with top industry vendors, offering choices that will fit their needs. Our team will work with users to connect existing services during the software build-out phase. Likewise, we will listen and recommend vendors based on needs.

New Move-In

DomicoCloud allows self storage facilities to process new tenant move-ins quickly, leaving a lasting impression on tenants. Set required information, choose a unit, apply leasing terms, collect a payment, and send documents.

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Add Insurance

Offering tenant insurance is essential for self storage businesses as it protects not only tenants but, also staff members. We work with various tenant insurance providers in the industry to help keep you covered.

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DomicoPay Case Study

Domico Software users have seen significant savings in time and money after switching away from their current processors to DomicoPay. DomicoPay is our in-house merchant provider, offering consolidated processing and support.

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Domico Self Storage Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What is self storage management software?

Management software for self storage is designed to track the unit inventory and tenant accounts for a storage facility. Above all, self storage facilities rely on management software to keep an accurate count of their income, profits, and losses.

What is the goal of storage management?

Important features in management software like DomicoCloud help facility owners move-in customers, offer discounts, transfer units, take various payment types, send notices and letters, as well as implement delinquency schedules.

Moreover, self storage management software becomes even more powerful when integrated with other software and hardware offered by other industry service providers. Some of these examples include security gate systems like PTI Security Systems, Go Local Interactive website provider, and XPS call center service.

Sometimes, self storage management software is also known as accounting software as they typically include functions that mimic and work in conjunction with widely used accounting programs, such as Quickbooks.

What does Domico software do?

DomicoCloud software is for managing self storage facility’s tenant accounts and unit inventory. Our property management software handles new tenant move-ins, reservations, unit transfers, unit add-ons, in-office, and online payments, retail sales, work orders, automated workflows, reporting, and more. DomicoCloud becomes the central hub of our operation by integrating with other self storage industry service providers and aggregates, such as Insomniac Kiosks, Sentinel Gate Systems, Xercor Insurance Services, XPS Call Center services, and even Sparefoot facility listings.

When is customer support available and where is it based?

Regular technical support is available 7 days a week, from 8a-5p Pacific Time Monday thru Fridays, and from 9a-1p Pacific Time on Saturdays and Sundays. Our support team works full-time at our headquarters in Walnut Creek, CA, and are professionally trained to support our products and services. Additional support for our DomicoCloud and DomicoPay products are also available through our parent company. 

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