The all-in-one facility management software

Manage any size self storage facility with ease, while offering tenants the best in customer service.

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Our software helps manage storage facility units and tenant accounts


Access your storage facility on any browser. No application download needed. Updates happen instantaneously!


Connect other services for a complete and streamlined setup. We integrate with most industry service providers.


Receive expert advice and support from a dedicated team of self storage software specialists.

The most powerful self storage software on the web

Domico Cloud most powerful

✓ Move new tenants in within minutes
✓ Edit, transfer, add units for existing tenants
✓ Work in multiple windows
✓ Streamline with automation and templates
✓ Convert more leads with online rental tools
✓ Seamless integrations with security gate, call centers, credit card processing & more

Instantly modernize your business with built-in features

E-Sign lease agreements

Tenants e-sign their lease agreement on your facility tablet or their own device. Lease agreements generate upon unit move-ins. Signed agreements are automatically uploaded to the tenant’s profile

Text message from software

Send tenants payment reminders, payment links, invoices, receipts and more with SMS text messaging. Providing an initial opt-in is easy. Then, receive incoming text notifcations with the “Recent Unread SMS” list on the dashboard.

domicocloud automation

Automate common tasks

Send an automated customized email when someone reserves or moves into a unit from your website. Also, automatically create a work order for staff when an event occurs. The possibilities to streamline tasks are endless with automatic actions and templates.

What customers are saying

We love how easy this program is to use. Everything is very user friendly so it was simple to hop right in and get going with the new program. There are also a lot of customizable options with the software which makes my job easier.

Katie Acre, Manager
Santa Ynez Self Storage


Very User Friendly. Integration and ease of use are the best things about this program. It integrates with almost every gate system used by our properties. Submitting payables and the easy flow to QuickBooks makes paying bills easy. Automatically sends out Late Letters. Has the ability to send out mass emails.

Liz Emmett, Regional Lead
Absolute Storage Management


I have been with Domico since 1993. I have been through all the upgrades and changing from black and white to full color then to the web. I find the  software to be very easy to work with.

Kerry Ishmael, VP of Operations
Self Storage Management Co. LLC


I have used this software for the past 10 years, it’s a first class product. The support team are fantastic, if you have a problem they respond in a very timely manner, very efficient and professional. Great to work with.

Frank McEvoy, Manager
Auburn Blvd Mini Stor


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