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Introducing: DomicoPay Merchant Service

Domico pay merchant service

April 10, 2019

Introduction to DomicoPay

Today, we officially launched DomicoPay, a payment processing service that tightly integrates with both Domico Stand-Alone and DomicoCloud. Domico Software users will enjoy the convenience and cost savings when processing payments at their self storage facilities.

Why we Developed our own platform

Card payments are standard for everyone in this day and age (yes, even for the self storage industry). We understand the headaches that come with being a merchant of third-party processing companies. Reconciliation hassles, new fees, hard to understand statements, and talking to someone knowledgeable in support are just a few of the problems. We developed DomicoPay because we want to help you solve those problems.

How Will DomicoPay Benefit Me?

  • DomicoPay is fully integrated

  • Transparent fees – no manufactured fees!
  • Tracking tools to monitor your processing rates
  • Easily access the information you need in real-time
  • Get answers when you need them and by your favorite support team​

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