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Q&A: Top 5 FAQ on Domico and DomicoCloud

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Q #1: What makes Domico different from the other software companies that offer facility management solutions for self-storage? 

Leanne: This is a great question and one that I always like to cover when speaking to clients. Domico has been around for a whopping 37 years. We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction, unmatched customer service and tech support, and we provide something that I believe a lot of software companies do not these days which is extremely personal service.

What can customers expect when they first join Domico?

Leanne: This starts right from the sales process, through the setup and customization stage, and especially once you are up and running with the software. Our call back times are some of the best in the industry. Our techs have been here on average around 9, years some over 15 years, they know their stuff! They are professionally trained, and most importantly our customers LIKE our techs. You are not talking to a new person each time you call in, you very quickly get to know the “team” and they work so hard to keep our clients happy.  

I want to point out that all our customers receive same-day, maximum 2-hour call-back for support requests. But new customers receive priority support for 30 days. Even without calling in, our techs actually take initiative to check in and this helps with the fluidity of the transition.  

With that said, can you share what value-add you feel Domico’s support group brings to the table? 

Leanne: I would say that we do not have different departments for support: the same techs that help you with implementation will be the same techs that service both your software and merchant services with us, so they are with you all the way. I always say you have to like your facility management software, but you also have to like the people who manage it. I can say with confidence that we have that at Domico.

I think it’s amazing that customers have a consolidated solution when pairing DomicoCloud with DomicoPay, you not only have the tightly integrated processing but support for the two products by the same support group.  

Q #2: For Domico Software and specifically, DomicoCloud, who is the typical customer? 

Leanne: At Domico, we have customers of all sizes and spanning the entire US and Canada. We have owners who have 30 units perhaps attached to another building or business, single large occupancy facilities, all the way up to large operations with over 100 sites. So we do not have a target customer. The software really does shine when it comes to multi-site operations, however it is so easy to use and customizable, that it works for everyone.

Q #3: What is a cloudbased software?

Leanne: A cloud based software is something that is accessed from an internet browser. DomicoCloud can be pulled up on any phone, tablet, ipad, laptop or desktop computer where there is an internet connection. This makes it incredibly accessible.   

Also, DomicoCloud is a truly hosted solution: so there is no software to “install,” you do not have to manage a database, you will never have to update the software, the updates will happen automatically. This really is the way to go.  

What about the customer’s data? 

Leanne: Your information, your site’s information, and most importantly your tenants information is secure, is constantly back up. If heaven forbid your desktop computer blows up one day, you are not losing any bit if information or data. It is all still there in DomicoCloud when you login.

To expand on that, DomicoCloud is hosted on AWS – Amazon Web Services – extremely reliable and readily available. Regular backups and snapshots are taken. Most importantly, your data, your tenant’s data, is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Plus, we don’t share or sell your data ever. 

Q #4: What other features or add-ons do you offer at Domico? (touch on Dpay and great integrations list with partners) 

Leanne:At Domico we integrate seamlessly with most of the major companies for a variety of services: gates, credit card processing, call centers, revenue management programs, insurance, website providers, lock systems, storage listing services, storage auction services, kiosks and accounting software. This is another very common question. We are happy to share a complete list of our integrated vendors with our prospective and current clients. 

This list is also available on our website at > click on Management Software > Integrations 

Q #5: What are some of the main features in DomicoCloud that people use to make their day to day tasks easier and to streamline operations? 

Leanne: Automated actions: which are things like automated statements, late notices, pre lien, lien and auction notices. Automated text message. Automated reports, which are reports that we can send to managers, owners, partners accountants on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Late cycles, fees, business rules and rate adjustments can all be automated, auctions.   

DomicoCloud is also designed to have multiple processes going at one time: so you can have any number of screens open and working, you are not limited to one task. Often times you will be doing something on a tenant profile, someone else calls in, you do not have to close one screen out to open another.  

Our reports truly are like no other, for instance the ability to have aggregated data, OR separate data when running reports is something that no other software has. Many of our reports were created with an “accounting mindset” so work very well for bookkeepers, CPAs, for reconciling,  

In the case of multi facility operators, you can create “rules for all” or tweak settings to just specific sites or location.  

Our software is optimized for performance and has high speeds, There is no manual opening or closing, the software does that for you on its own. 

Great summary for a strong finish. I just want to say thank you for watching us today as we cover some of the most asked questions about Domico and DomicoCloud Self Storage Management Software. If you have suggestions for a future Q&A segment, feel free to email me at 

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