Dynamic Dashboard

Display & access multiple data sources right on the dashboard

Multiple Windows

Work in multiple windows but pick up where you left off

Complete Tenant Profile

Valuable tenant information effectively organized

Meaningful Reports

Display & access multiple data sources

Domico Cloud devices

Multi-Facility Management

Display & access multiple data sources right on the dashboard

Digital Lease Agreements

Work in multiple windows but pick up where you left off

SMS Text & Email

Valuable tenant information effectively organized


Display & access multiple data sources

DomicoCloud dashboard


Analyze and access your data from the dashboard

A complete dashboard with key performance indicators and data discovery for single or multiple site self storage operators. Users have 15 lists to choose from to keep on their dashboard.

Access units, tenant accounts, reservations, SMS text messages, and more directly from your dashboard.

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Multi-task by working in multiple windows

Having the ability to open more than one window means you don’t have to compromise your customer service. With DomicoCloud, you have the easily multi-task and pick up where you left off. 

Domico Cloud multiple windows
Domico Cloud tenant profile


All your customer data, in one place

Keeping accurate information on tenants and co-tenants is easy with DomicoCloud. Each tenant profile is complete with contact information, encrypted credit cards, lease details, attachments, notes, correspondence log of all communication, and more.

Keeping a solid paper trail will come in handy when auditing your storage business.


Be informed. Take effective actions

DomicoCloud reports are categorized into five unique categories that paint a picture of your storage facility. Pull real-time data from all corners of your business, automate report batches, download, and email directly from the software. Choose from over 70 reports .

Domico Cloud reporting
Domico Cloud multi-site management


Powerful tools to streamline any multi-site operation with

Multi-facility reporting – most reports can include one or more facilities sub-totaled on a single report. Some reports can show aggregated totals of multiple facilities for a total overhead view of economic indicators.

Configuration – access facilities in windows using a drop down. Define regional Company Sets to share configuration setup with default and override options


Digitize lease agreements

Send new tenant lease agreements to customer emails or facility tablet for tenants to e-sign, completely digitizing the lease process. Executed agreements are automatically saved to the tenant’s profile. 

Domico Cloud digital lease
Domico Cloud sms text message


Text message and email directly from software

Exchange text messages and emails with tenants directly from DomicoCloud. Email notifications appear on dashboard and all communications are logged in the tenant’s profile for complete record keeping. 


Automate common tasks

If someone reserves a unit on your website, then DomicoCloud automatically sends a thank you email. If a tenant is 5 days late on their payment, then DomicoCloud sends them a notice, and if 10 days late, a notice and a late fee. The possibilities to streamline tasks are endless.

domicocloud automation