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Interactive Widget Lists

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Organize Your Data with Widgets

DomicoCloud features a tool called Widgets. Widgets are lists of data that are accessible on demand by choosing it from the main menu. There’s also the option to keep the lists tacked to the desktop if desired. This allows users to keep their most-used data lists visible. 

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13 Data Lists to Choose From

Everyone works differently. This is why various lists were created so that users can choose which ones are most useful to them. 

Interactive Lists

Units, Tenants, and Settings is what is attached to a Lease. When we move a tenant out of a unit, we’re essentially removing the unit from the lease. If there is only 1 unit linked to the Lease in question, that Lease will become Inactive. The software does this automatically to eliminate the possibility of charging the tenant after they’re no longer in the unit.

Most Useful Data Lists

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