Running a storage facility is a lot of work

There’s always something to do

Fullers Mini use Domico software
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But the Fullers don’t miss a beat

Play the short video to see how Jim uses DomicoCloud on a Monday morning


Your data organized for quick access

Widgets are lists kept anywhere on your homepage. Click on tenant names, units, and Work Orders directly from these 13 lists to choose from.

Tenant profiles, completely organized

Anything and everything linked to a tenant is found here. Take payments, view and edit units, view leases, and communication. 


Accurate record keeping made easy

Contracts and important notices are automatically attached to tenant profiles in PDF format along with a date and time stamp.

All correspondence neatly listed for quick reference. Go digital, but still keep a solid paper trail. 


Automate common tasks

Trigger actions with Automatic Actions and Templates. Streamlining common (but important) tasks not only saves you time, but ensures the tasks are properly completed.

DomicoCloud helps facility owners succeed

See how it can also help you streamline common tasks, accurately track occupancies, all while prioritizing customer service. 

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