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ACH in DomicoCloud with DomicoPay

Introduction to ACH

ACH, or automated clearing house is an electronic funds transfer system that pulls and transfers funds from one bank account to another. ACH is convenient for individuals and businesses as it is a secure and a low cost method for sending and receiving cash. 

The ACH Network batches financial transactions together throughout the day, making ACH a quick method for receiving cash. 

About DomicoPay

DomicoPay is a merchant service designed for Domico software and its users. Domico users not only enjoy low processing rates compared to industry competitors, but also benefit from consolidated processing.

The integration between DomicoCloud and DomicoPay keeps everything in one place. Furthermore, technical support for both products are handled by the same team of technicians. Customers using DomicoPay also receive same-day, maximum 2-hour callback for support requests. Support requests can be submitted via email, phone-in, or through our website form. You can learn more about DomicoPay here.

ACH (or Bank Draft) in DomicoCloud

DomicoCloud DomicoPay ACH

The DomicoCloud storage facility software can accept ACH payments in two ways: (1) as a monthly autopay which is setup under User Info in the tenant’s profile screen or (2) as a one time draft in the Payment screen.

Once ACH has been properly setup by our team, using it to process ACH payments at your storage facility is relatively quick and easy. 

ACH from Customer Portal

DomicoCloud comes with online account bill-pay, allowing your self storage tenants to access their unit(s) on their online Customer Portal to view transactions history, update contact and emergency contact information, as well as add payment methods which include ACH.

domicocloud customer portal

ACH Reports in DomicoCloud

DomicoCloud users can review data relating to ACH transactions using a few available reports in DomicoCloud. Below are screenshots of these reports exactly as they’re generated from DomicoCloud

Domicocloud electronic payments report

Electronic Payments Report

The Electronic Payments Report groups payments by  type (e.g. Visa, Discovery, MasterCard, Bank Draft). In addition, this report also lists declined and voided electronic payments.

domicocloud company summary report

Company Summary Report

The Company Summary Report is a robust yet simple view of the facility’s key numbers in 1-2 pages. Data relating to ACH/Bank Draft is listed under Deposits by Payment Type and Counts (# of Auto Bank Draft). 

The screenshot above is an example of the Company Summary report only and does not completely show all the available sections of the report. Also, line items show up differently for all facilities depending on the DomicoCloud software setup of that facility.

Transaction Log

In addition to listing all transactions for a given timeframe, the Transaction Log Report also lists Transaction Counts, totals for Payments Received and totals for Reversals.

ACH Reports in MerchantTrack

MerchantTrack is the merchant online portal for DomicoPay and it’s where self storage operators go to review key metrics on their dashboard, search transactions, identify terminal status, and generate reports.

domicopay transaction search

Transaction Search in MerchantTrack

The Transaction Search tool in MerchantTrack is useful for tracking down transactions.The following search fields are used to search payment transactions:

* Required fields

  • Merchant * (list of locations if more than 1)
  • Time Zone *
  • Payment Method: Any Payment Method, Any Card Type, Any ACH Type, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Other Card, Personal Checking, Personal Savings, Business Checking, Business Savings
  • Status: Any, Failed, Authorized, Partially Reversed, Voided, Batched, Partially Refunded, Refunded, Charged Back, Partially Charged Back, ACH Returned
  • Transaction ID
  • Customer ID
  • Transaction Date Type: Auth Date, Capture Date
  • Date Range Start Date
  • Date Range End Date
  • Invoice Number
  • Account Last 4
domicopay return report

ACH Returns in MerchantTrack

This report (shown above) will give you an itemized list of all ACH Returns with a bit more detail including the reason for the return.

ACH Returns Summary Report in MerchantTrack

This report will give you a summary of ACH returns for each day. It will total the payments and the fees charged.

Funding Summary/Detail Reports in MerchantTrack

The ACH returns will also show on the funding reports for the day that the fee is charged. You will see the payment as if it was coming in normally, then going back as a return. As well as the $25 fee being charged.

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