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Online Rentals from your Website

Introduction to online rentals

Rather than just reserving a unit, allowing your website visitors to go a step further and complete the rental process not only secures the occupancy, but eliminates redundant administrative tasks. It also guarantees important information is properly communicated to the customer.

Available units list on website in real-time

Allow website visitors to choose a unit to move into from your website, completely streamlining the rental process. DomicoCloud software automation simplifies the rental process while allowing you to still control what personal information to collect and how.

Your units list is easily embedded onto your website, showing your self storage facility’s available units in real-time. Units are categorized by size and listed with a description. Hover over a size to show sample photo of that unit size for reference.

Collect new tenant's required information

Prospective tenants choose a size, then complete the rental form with your required information and insurance options (if applicable).

Tenant receives digital lease via email

After submitting the rental form, the new tenant receives a Welcome Email with their unit detail, the digital lease agreement to review and sign, as well as instructions to create an online account for bill pay.

Tools to complete move-in and follow-up

The executed digital lease agreement is automatically uploaded into the new tenant’s account as a pdf attachment. Tools in DomicoCloud allow facility managers to view and follow-up on new online rentals in a timely manner, in order to collect additional information and provide customer service.


Interested in seeing if DomicoCloud’s online rental feature meets the needs of your business? We’d be happy to learn more about your current rental process as well as your ideas on how you’d like to improve it.

The online rental setup outlined in this article is an example only and does not show the full capability of the feature. DomicoCloud’s self storage software is easily customized to meet the unique needs of any self storage facility. Contact us at (800) 688-6181 or to learn more.

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