Pro-Rate Balance at Move-Out

Tools to Move-Out Tenant

Whether a tenant has paid for their current billing cycle or not, DomicCloud makes moving out a tenant easy. The Payment Entry screen in the tenant’s profile will show what the tenant currently owes. The attached unit with description of that period can also be found there.


In the example shown below, the tenant currently owes for the current cycle and is late. 

tenant owes at move out

Calculate Move-Out Shows Pro-Rated Amount

By clicking on “Calculate Moveout” in the Payment Entry screen, DomicoCloud will calculate how much the tenant owes if he were to move out today. This tools becomes extremely helpful for facility managers and owners so they can conveniently move tenants out and still collect money due to them.

In this example, once Calculate Moveout has been clicked, the new pro-rated amount shows $41.42, what the tenant owes for this current period up to today.

calculate move out
Pro-rate at move out

Removing Unit from Lease

Units, Tenants, and Settings is what is attached to a Lease. When we move a tenant out of a unit, we’re essentially removing the unit from the lease. If there is only 1 unit linked to the Lease in question, that Lease will become Inactive. The software does this automatically to eliminate the possibility of charging the tenant after they’re no longer in the unit.

lease move out

Initiate Move-Out

The final step of the move-out process can be found under Unit(s) in the tenant’s profile. By clicking Move out, the software will not that the Lease will be inactive if there is only 1 unit attached (as explained above).

Also in this example, the software shows a write off amount. The $3.58 balance is for the remainder of the billing cycle if the tenant will NOT move out today. 

initiate move out
confirm move out

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