Keep the lines of communication
open and in one place in DomicoCloud

Text or Email any Tenant
. . .

Input a valid cell phone # and email address in Primary Contact under the tenant’s profile in order to use the text and email features in DomicoCloud.

domicocloud text or email screen
domicocloud email tenant screen

Send Emails from your Email Address
. . .

By clicking on the tenant’s email address from their profile, the email screen conveniently pops up to be filled out and sent directly from DomicoCloud.

We’ll help you setup the email feature so that tenants receive emails from your facility’s email address.

Send SMS Messages Directly to Tenant’s Cell Phone
. . .

Once a tenant Opts in to receive and send the facility text messages, your facility can easily send messages, links, and statements directly to the tenant’s text message inbox. Setup is easy since we can do the work for you and message rates are very low.

domicocloud send sms message to tenant screenshot

All Correspondence are Automatically Saved
. . .

Communication between your facility and tenant are automatically saved to the tenant’s profile for record keeping. Each correspondence is recorded with a date and timestamp, type, description, and any attachments that were included.

The text message and email feature in DomicoCloud offer self storage
operations access to modern communication methods.

domicocloud correspondence logged screenshot