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DomicoCloud protects your data. Your data resides on our cloud hosted servers, where regular backups and snapshots are taken. Data is replicated to different physical locations for disaster recovery purposes. More importantly, data is encrypted both in-transit and at rest. Plus, we don’t share or sell your data ever.


DomicoCloud is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is 100% cloud-based. The application is fully deployed with all its parts running in your browser. No downloads, installations, or updates required.Our cloud-hosted software runs on a secure network of data centers that are regularly updated with strict backup protocols.


DomicoCloud’s infrastructure and data are housed separately off-site. In the event of a power or internet outage at your facility, DomicoCloud will continue to run. Statements will go out, credit cards will be charged, and online payments/reservations will still process. Your data is also routinely backed up.


Cloud-based software is built to provide on-demand, almost instant results. DomicoCloud runs in your browser, keeping it free from interference by other applications and hardware limitations. Whether building upward or outward with DomicoCloud, your software performance remains optimized. Cloud computing gives us the ability to help self storage operators grow without compromising the speed or flexibility of their setup.

Try it for yourself! We’ll send you login credentials directly to your email so you can test the functions and features of DomicoCloud for yourself.


Simple to navigation. Returns accurate results.

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Choose from a variety of interactive data lists to keep on your work space as reminders or quick actions. Some of the available lists include: Recent Customers, Upcoming Charges, and Upcoming Reservations.

Quick Navigation

Work smarter with quick access buttons. Buttons are accompanied by simple graphics that navigate to common software actions. Dock it away when not in use for more work space.

Print Queue

Monthly statements and outgoing letters are added to the print queue during the nightly closeout. Choosing “Print” the next morning will combine all documents into a single PDF for quick printing.


DomicoCloud can be used on almost any device including iOS and Android. Upon login, Touch Interface is enabled, allowing users to navigate the software just like they would on their PC, laptop, or tablet.


Login to DomicoCloud and get to where you need right away. Unlike an application, the program does not need to be downloaded to be used. This eliminates updates and compatibility issues.


In addition to DomicoCloud being compatible with almost any mobile device, its technology gives it the edge needed to integrate modern functions. For example, it’s website URL easily integrates with SMS, QR codes, and NFC.


Text & Email Directly from DomicoCloud

Communicate with tenants directly from DomicoCloud by text and email. Our program is built to seamlessly send customers messages, notices, and statements from the software. Staying in touch with tenants from DomicoCloud allows self storage facilities to keep their correspondence in one place for complete record keeping.

Digital Lease

The Digital Lease Agreement makes move-ins quicker and less complicated. We’ll help you upload your lease agreement to DomicoCloud and configure it to email directly to your tenant. The tenant can then open the PDF on their mobile device, sign, and send it back. The digital document will be automatically attached to the tenant’s account for quick reference in the future.

Frequently asked questions

DomicoCloud is truly web-based. It’s build to launch on your website browser on any device, from anywhere. We believe this method offers the most reliable and consistent results as users won’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

No, the entire application runs inside your browser. The only installed element is a service that sends updates to your gate system.

Absolutely! We offer free demo access to our DomicoCloud web-based software. Please complete the form below to get login credentials sent to your email right away.

Cloud-based self storage management software is delivered over the web and falls under the Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing model. Domico Software hosts the DomicoCloud application for customers to use, store, and retrieve data as needed. Licensing costs for management software in the self storage industry are usually priced competitively with a monthly subscription. Users may incur additional costs depending on the availability of add-on services offered through the software company.

Yes! DomicoCloud provides a module to keep track of both hard and soft reservations.

Yes! DomicoCloud allows you to open multiple windows to work in various screens without having to close out of what you’re working on.

DomicoPay is our proprietary processor. This product was built by us for you, offering consolidated processing, extended support, and the best processing rates in the industry. We are also able to integrate the processors.

Also known as a paperless lease, the Digital Lease Agreement is an automated feature in DomicoCloud that allows self storage facilities to streamline the lease process by emailing the tenant the Lease Agreement through email to complete and sign. Whether the tenant is in front of the manager or at home, this ability contributes to the paperless process, eliminating paper waste and the need to physically store paperwork at the facility. All unit rental contracts are automatically attached to tenant profiles.

Absolutely! SMS text messaging and emailing is built in our storage unit software. DomicoCloud users can easily send and receive messages, keeping communication and correspondence in one

DomicoCloud can be configured to automatically email your accountant each day’s transactions. DomicoCloud also includes a module to maintain vendors and invoices for the property’s business.

Yes, DomicoCloud is integrated with electronic leases.

In DomicoCloud, each user can be granted access to multiple facilities without logging out and logging back in. Throughout the software, you’ll be provided a dropdown menu in which you will specify the facility you’re working with. Some reports will allow for multiple facilities to be included in the same report, making data analysis and comparison much easier.

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Complete and easy to use technology for any sized facility. For an insight on how owners and managers are currently using Domico Cloud tools to manage and grow their facilities, complete the form below. 

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