Purely Cloud-Based

DomicoCloud Management and Accounting software is purely cloud-based so you can access your facility’s tenant accounts on any device with internet connection.

No download required.

Fast & Secure Solution

Our product delivers fast and secure solutions for self storage owners. DomicoCloud runs on your browser and offers almost instant results. Plus, your data is stored on our cloud hosted servers, where we take cautionary measures to ensure it’s safety.

Modern Look & Feel

While functional and sophisticated, DomicoCloud also excels in its look & feel, featuring modern blue and grey tones. The large white work space is perfect for working clutter-free or multi-tasking when needed.

Built for all Users

Easy-to-use features throughout DomicoCloud are built with all user types in mind. Facility managers enjoy functions for day-to-day tasks, managers have higher-level access, and owners have full-access. Operators with accountants and a home office benefit from the convenience of full-access to verify information or export reports at any time.

User events are logged for complete record keeping.


Quick Navigation Menu

Work smarter with quick access buttons. Buttons are accompanied by simple graphics that navigate to common software actions. Dock it away when not in use for more work space.


Choose from a variety of interactive data lists to keep on your work space as reminders or quick actions. Some of the available lists include: Recent Customers, Upcoming Charges, and Upcoming Reservations.


Access DomicoCloud software from anywhere on your facility grounds or on the go from a cell phone or tablet. Conveniently check on your business at any time as long as there’s an internet connection.

Print Queue

Monthly statements and outgoing letters are added to the print queue during the nightly closeout. Choosing “Print” the next morning will combine all documents into a single PDF for quick printing.