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Add Auto-Pay to First Payment in DomicoCloud

Introduction to Autopays

Learn how to add autopay to a customer account in DomicoCloud. This tutorial will guide you through adding autopay during the first credit card transaction. Often times, this transaction happens with a new tenant who just moved into a unit.

Check for no Prior Payments

These instructions apply to a tenant who just moved into a unit no prior payment. First, we will want to confirm that in fact, the tenant has not made any prior payments.

The screenshot below shows the Acct Activity tab in the tenant profile, confirming no payments have been made.

DomicoCloud Autopay check

Another screen you can check to confirm that no prior payment was made is to click on “Recently Used Credit Cards…” in the Payments screen. If a credit card was previously used, the payment screen will indicate so.

Domico Cloud autopay check recent cc

Enroll Tenant in Autopay During First Payment

In the Payment Entry screen, select Credit Card under Payment Type. Once the credit card information has been keyed in, check “Store for Autopay”. Then, click Make Payment.

domcio cloud autopay store

Confirm Tenants Autopay Enrollment

Once the tenant has been setup with Autopay from their first payment, we’ll check to make sure they are properly enrolled and their credit card payment method is saved. 

First off, navigate to the User Info tab > General in the tenant’s profile to confirm that the AutoPay Method field states Credit Card and Draft Day meets their payment date.

Domico Cloud autopay check general

Secondly, we’ll check the Acct Activity page again, but this time to make sure the payment just processed went through.

Finally, navigate to the Credit Card Tab under User Info to make sure the tenant’s credit card information has been saved.

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