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Adding Tenant Insurance Options to DomicoCloud


Providing tenant insurance not only protects your tenant and their stored goods but, it also protects your self storage facility. Offering insurance is also a great value-add for your customers. Tenant insurance has become a key element in the industry. As a result, giving storage operators many options to choose from. When searching for a company to work with, make sure they have the flexibility you’re looking for, as well as the compliance your business requires. Read more on tenant insurance here.

How to Add Insurance Options to Domico

stand-alone mini storage software insurance 1

These instructions on how to add tenant insurance options are for the Domico Stand-Alone self storage rental program.

  1. The insurance menu is found in Setup > Site Configuration > Insurance.
  2. The Insurer tab will be shown first. Input the Insurance Company’s information. The mailing address will be displayed on the Insurance Transmittal Report.
stand-alone mini storage software insurance 2

3. Select Mailing Address tab and Input the mailing address for the Insurer.

stand-alone mini storage software insurance 3

4. Select the Rates/Coverage tab. If the entries above are present, feel free to delete them.

Tenant Insurance Definitions

Effective Date can be the current day or a day in the future, when you want the Insurance options to be available in Domico.

Termination Date will populate automatically.

Rate is the amount the tenant will be paying each month.

Coverage Limit
is a description of that tier. That field is set up for a dollar amount, so we suggest using a format similar to one pictured above.

stand-alone mini storage software insurance 4

5. Select the Options tab.

a. You can elect to automatically charge the lowest tier at move-in. If the customer has their own insurance, or they decline it, you can remove it before completing the move-in.

b. If you pay a monthly transaction fee, you can choose to have it deducted from the Total Monthly Premiums on the Insurance Transmittal Report.

c. If a customer goes 30 days without paying for the insurance, Domico will remove the charge and remove them from insurance. You can add the insurance back at any time.

Adding Insurance During a Move-In

stand-alone mini storage software insurance 5

These instructions are for adding tenant insurance to an account upon move-in. Follow the instructions above for setting up the tenant insurance in your Domico Software. 

  • At move-in, Click the “…” box next to Insurance. The following window will open up:
stand-alone mini storage software insurance 6
  • Check the box for the tier they wish to purchase, or “Decline Coverage” if that applies.

Adding Insurance in Customer Action

These instructions are for adding tenant insurance to an existing account. The Customer Action button allows you to access a customer’s account. All actions for accounts are done through there. 

  1. Bring up the unit in Customer Action. From the yellow column of options, select Insurance. If a customer has multiple units, verify that the correct unit is displayed in the Unit ID box.
stand-alone mini storage software insurance 7

2. This time, you have the options for Starting in Current Period or Next Period.

    • If you choose the Current Period, Domico will prorate the insurance premium for the current date through the next date rent will be charged.
    • If you choose Next Period, Domico will charge the full premium when rent is charged next.

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