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Add Units to Domico Stand-Alone (D7)

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Introduction to adding units to Domico Stand-Alone

With the expansion of your storage facility, you’ll also need to add the units to your self storage software. Domico Stand-Alone makes it easy for operators to edit and add units by using the software’s Site Configuration section. As simple as it may be to complete the task yourself, please contact our technical support to review the process to ensure the integrity of the accounts is kept in tact. If you wish, our techs are also able to complete the tasks for you.

Adding New Units to Domico Software consists of two steps:

  • Creating the units
  • Assigning the units to their size codes
    • Creating new size codes for the new units

Creating the Units in Domico Software

domico stand alone add units 1
  1. From the main Domico homepage, open the Setup Menu, and select “Site Configuration”
domico stand alone add units 2

2. Select the correct “Rental Type” (you may only have one), and open the “Units” menu.

Rental Type refers to the types of rentals your self storage facility provides. These rental types can include standard self storage units, climate-controlled units, RV parking, boat parking, offices, mailboxes, or even apartment units.

domico stand alone add units 3

3. Double click in a blank space at the bottom to type in your new unit number

a. You may use the Down arrow to begin typing the next unit number without clicking any buttons.


Assigning the Size Codes

Now that you have created your units, it is time to assign them to the proper size codes.

  1. Just like adding the units, you will open the (Setup > Configuration) menu
domico stand alone add units 4

2. Instead of “Units”, open the “Sizes” menu

domico stand alone add units 5

3. There are three sections to be aware of:

a. Top Left: Size Code List
b. Bottom Right: Size Code unit list
c. Bottom Left: Size Code Rent Rate

4. Select the size code you wish to assign the units to in section “A”

5. Check off the box for “Show Unassigned Units Only” in section “B”

6. Check off the box for each unit that you wish to assign to this size code in section “B”

7. Repeat for each size code you wish to add units to

8. This is a good time to review the Standard Rates in section “C” to make sure the units will be priced correctly.

If you need to add a new size code, you can click in the blank space below the existing ones in section “A” to add a new one. Be sure to create a rent rate for the new size code in section “C” below.

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