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Customer Notes in DomicoCloud

Introduction to Customer Notes

The note section in DomicoCloud is accessed by clicking on the paperclip icon located in the top right header of the tenant’s profile. Important notes and files relating to the tenant and their occupancy at your self storage facility is kept here. 

Facility staff sometimes use the notes section to track communication efforts that may come in handy for auctions.

DomicoCloud attachment icon

Generate Customer Notes

Domicocloud notes

To get a complete list of a customer’s notes, click on the “Report…” link next to the unit under the Unit(s) section of the tenant’s profile. 

Multiple Units: All notes are attached to the tenant’s name/profile. If a tenant has multiple units, all notes will generate with any unit’s report. 

After clicking on the “Report…” link, a smaller window will pop-up, notifying you that the report has been generated. From here, The report can be downloaded or emailed from the software to a chosen email address.

The complete list of notes will be on the last page of the report package. 

Domicocloud notes report

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