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DomicoPay Terminal Installation

Introduction to the DomicoPay Terminal

DomicoPay paired with your new Ingenico IPP320 allows you to easily setup and start accepting card payments at your self storage facility. This card terminal device is known for it’s compact size and ability to handle a fast paced retail environment.

The Ingenico IPP320 comes equipped with an EMV Smart Card Reader (EMV compatible level 1 & 2 compliant), magnetic strip reader, NFC contactless reader, LCD display screen, and USB connector.

The instructions below will show you how to get the device powered up to show an activation code before working with a Domico Technician to get your DomicoPay Installation completed.

Steps for Setting Up the DomicoPay Terminal

Ingenico ip3320

Your Ingenico IPP320 terminal will have come with a combination data and power cable. The instructions below will explain where the cords go.

Ingenico ip3320 USB/ethernet

The adapter pictured connects the terminal device to the network switch.

  1. The flat end with the plug that looks like an HDMI connects to the top back of the terminal device.
  2. Plug the ethernet cable end into your network switch

Some routers and modems come with multiple ethernet ports on the back of the device. If yours does not come with extra ports, a Gigabit switch with extra ports can be purchased (learn more here). Most major electronics stores will care switches as well. 

Igenico ip3320 power

Pictured is the power plug. This simply gets plugged into a power source.

Once the device is properly plugged in, wait a few moments for the terminal to turn on. It will then go through the boot up sequence before displaying an activation code. 

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