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Enable/Disable AutoPay in DomicoCloud

Introduction to AutoPays

Enable auto-pay in DomicoCloud tenant’s account to automatically charge their credit card on file each month.

Having customers set up on auto-pay can benefit both the customer and the facility. Auto-pay improves the customer experience by eliminating late-fees and collection calls while reducing the legwork for facility staff. Auto-pay is easily enabled at the customer account level in DomicoCloud.

Background on AutoPays

Auto-pay is enabled by customer, not by unit. Auto-pays in DomicoCloud can be scheduled for any day of the month, but the default choice is “Monthly Billing Day” (the day rent is charged). DomicoCloud will attempt to authorize the payment card no more than three times (once per close out). Auto-pays use the Pending Transaction feature to queue the payments. These Pending Transactions are created when statements are generated and the upcoming charges are assessed. You can see the details of the Pending Transactions in the “Pending Transactions” report.

Enable AutoPay (Credit Card or ACH)

For instructions to add ACH for AutoPay, click here.

Save the credit card to be used for Auto-pay:

If the card is already saved in User Info > Credit Card, skip to step 5.

1.  In DomicoCloud, pull up the customer’s account and go to User Info > Credit Card

2.   Populate the credit card and payer information:

domico cloud self storage software autopay

3.   Click
Save to tokenize the credit card.

4.  Still in the User Info section, click to General:

domico cloud self storage software autopay

5.  Change AutoPay Method to Credit Card or ACH.

domico cloud self storage software autopay

6.  Draft Day will appear to the right and default to “Monthly Bill Day” (the day rent is charged). If the customer wants their payment processed on a different day of the month, select the day from the Draft Day list:

7.  Click Save in the lower-right corner to commit the changes. 

8.  If the customer has an upcoming charge, DomicoCloud will ask if you want to schedule the next Autopay:

Domico Cloud self storage software autopay

This customer has a future balance of $$. Would you like to schedule an auto payment pending transaction on this customer’s upcoming draft day?”

Disable AutoPay

domicocloud disable autopay
  1. On the customer’s account go to User Info
  2. Change AutoPay Method to NET
  3. Click Save to commit changes


If a payment is scheduled to process for the upcoming billing cycle, you will need to cancel the Pending Transaction.

Please see more in Pending Transactions.


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