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Update YTD Start Date on Facility Summary Report in D7 Stand-Alone

Introduction to the Facility Summary Report

The Facility Summary report includes daily, month-to-date, and year-to-date totals. Because not all companies start their fiscal year on January 1st, the start date for the YTD totals must be manually set, giving you full control. The start date must be manually advanced each year as well. To do so, following these few steps.

domico stand alone YTD facility summary report 1

Navigate to Reports Menu

  1. In Domico Self Storage Software Stand Alone version, open the Reports menu from the main menu on the homepage
  2. Enter the desired YTD Start date and change the Filter Option to “…include YTD”:
domico stand alone YTD facility summary report 2

3. Click Print/View to generate the report.

domico stand alone YTD facility summary report 3

Domico will store this YTD Start Date until you follow these steps to change it again.

Total Multiple Years on Facility Summary Report

To see multiple years totaled up, move the start date backwards, and Domico will sum up all months between the start date and today’s date.

To see past years one-by-one, set the From date range to 12/1 and 12/31 of the year desired and set the YTD Start for that year. Choose the Filter Option to include it, as shown below, using 2016 as the example:

domico stand alone YTD facility summary report 4

About the Facility Summary Report

The Facility Summary Report is categorized as a management report. It is based on database tables updated each night during Close Day. That these tables are not updated at other times ensures the following:

  • The integrity of the numbers on the reports
  • That the date of the report reflects all activity through the end of the period identified
  • That the numbers will not change if the report for this period is reprinted at any time
  • That detailed information will tie to the report

The Facility Summary report offers this month’s information to date on the left, and current status as of today on the right. 

This report also provides a Delinquency Activity count for self storage units and tenants who are in a delinquency stage.

The Facility SUmmary report becomes a powerful tool for self storage property management stakeholders to find and audit their facility as needed.

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