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Transfer Unit Ownership in DomicoCloud

Introduction to Unit Ownership in DomicoCloud

A transfer of unit and lease ownership in DomicoCloud can happen when the current tenant leasing the unit transfers the lease or ownership to a child, from sibling to sibling, or from one family member to another without starting a new Lease Agreement.

This article will show step-by-step instructions on how to transfer a self storage unit from one customer to another in DomicoCloud. This is not transferring a customer to a different unit, this is transferring ownership of a unit.

DomicoCloud self storage software offers facility owners the flexibility to complete even the most mundane tasks with ease. In this case, it’s not common that facility managers and owners will need to transfer the ownership of a unit, however, it is possible if ever needed.

The instructions listed below also include screenshots from the video above.

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Learn How to Transfer Ownership of Unit


  1. Pull up the existing customer’s account in DomicoCloud, then navigate to their Lease tab.
  2. From the Lease tab, click on Tenants tab. This tab will list the tenants currently renting the unit. Most of the time, there will be one tenant. Other times, there will be co-tenants.

    This is where you can manage the tenants associated with the Unit/Lease.

  3. Click on Add tenant to lease. It is going to give you two options to add a tenant to the lease: by creating a New Customer or Selecting an Existing customer.

Note: To ensure we don’t completely delete any tenant from the unit or lease, we will be adding the tenant we’re transferring to, instead of deleting the existing tenant first.

domico cloud lease page

If you have the tenant already set up with another unit, you can search and select the existing tenant from the Edit Tenant screen. 

Add New Tenant to Existing Unit/Lease

You may want to check current self storage laws in your state surrounding ownership and transfers of self storage unit lease agreements. 

In our example, we will be adding a new tenant to the Lease.

domico cloud add tenants

Click on Add Tenant to Lease. It will take you to the Add New Tenant screen with two options: Create Tenant or Select Existing Tenant. In our example, we’ll click Create Tenant.

  1. Complete the New Tenant form with your facility’s required information.

    Autopay is also set up here if desired as Autopays are connected to tenants.

  2. At this point, the unit is rented to both tenants. If you refresh the account, the second tenant just added can be found under Roomate/Co-Tenant.

domico cloud list tenants

Set new ownership of unit

Under Lease, verify that the tenants listed are assigned the correct roles.

  1. From the Lease screen, click on the new tenant, assign their role to Primary
  2. From the same Lease screen, click on the tenant to remove, and choose Delete.
domico cloud change primary owner

Now, there should only be the new tenant assigned to that unit.

To double-check, the previous tenant should not have the unit listed under their profile, but the new tenant should.

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